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I have a real passion for mobile application development. Readily embracing cutting-edge technology, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the main mobile platforms and recognize the subtle differences between each. Currently, I am a Senior Product Manager at Soko in Nairobi. In my free time you can find me hacking away at my github and other open source projects


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The Clean Architecture Approach to backends using Kotlin


This doubles as a review/guide of the starter project I currently use for developing back end integrations and can be found here: Description of the architecture The project consists of 4 modules  coreusecasesdataprovidersdelivery. Core module This module contains the domain entities. There are no dependencies to frameworks and/or libraries. data class Product( val code: ProductCode...

Woodroid : An android woocommerce SDK


Woodroid is an android and java sdk for woocommerce, the ecommerce cms for the popular wordpress. It attempts to create a simple but robust Woocommerce API sdk. Built-based on the documentation:  Installation Maven dependency: Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file <repositories> <repository> <id>jitpack.io</id> <url>; </repository>...

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